Twitter Updates for 2007-11-14

  • gathering thoughts for a post #
  • @librarianmer – of course we will! @griffey – should I share the "rules"? #
  • @jenica26 – reindeer games, still in idea form, wanna play checkers instead 🙂 #
  • @librarianmer – I know, tag? hide and seek? pin the tail on the Santa? Kick ball? Four Square? #
  • @jenica26 – hugs, darling, this day will not last forever, just for the next 13 hours or so 🙂 #
  • LITA has a listserv called "[email protected]" No joke. I wonder what brilliant person thought that was a good idea!? hee, assess, funny #
  • ok, my afternoon of non-stop fun has started: lunch, ref desk, class, meeting, IM reference and class chat. Whew. tired already #
  • @jenica26 – Mmmm, cheese #

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