Twitter Updates for 2007-11-27

  • at a librarians’ faculty meeting, not sure will see anything new, but is always interesting #
  • i am curious why the advent of email did not change meeting structures from reporting to discussion. reporting is better done over email #
  • Overheard – "Innovative likes to sell little pieces" – meaning features in our catalog, creates class system of catalogs #
  • campus going through QEP planning process – getting an update now on progress #
  • @lucy_anne – one life preserver, coming your way. would you like a fruity drink with an umbrella with that? #
  • @ellbeecee – All Your Base Now Belong To Us #
  • now website feedback reporting – we recently revamped our site #
  • now digital projects staffing – first thing on the agenda that is actually new and has not been shared already over email #
  • meeting over, good #
  • preparing for a reference shift filled with frantic printing and article requests – It’s Finals and Paper time! Hooray! </sarcasm> #

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