Midwinter Schedule 2008

For various reasons, I will only be in the city of Brotherly Love for a short time. I have, as a consequence, completely packed my schedule. Some things are overlapping and this may be the first time I have ever missed a Blog Salon. I am hoping there are still some drunk librarians, I mean, some people, still there after 8. I will drop by after my meeting.

2:19 Arrive
4-6 Seeing a Man About a Dog
5:30-7:30 Darien Public Library Get Together
5:30-8:30 ALA Publishing Reception
After Meeting some friends if I have any steam left

9 Breakfast with the 2 other TechSource Peeps
10:30-12 BIGWIG Meeting
12:30 Lunch w/Rachel V.
4 Coffee with Pete B.
6-8 Jim Rettig Board
After Blog Salon if it is still going on, if not, something else

8 LITA Town Meeting
Lunch Cheesesteak
3 Leave for Home

Safe travels to all going earlier than me, which I think is almost everyone.

–Jane, will be sad, this is her last in person ALA for awhile