Packing Up Thoughts on a Wednesday

Today, I present a post of disjointed items, such as one would find when cleaning out a desk drawer.

This week, and most of last, I have spent a large portion of my time physically and virtually packing. My office is looking quite sad and bare. Gone are the Firefly pictures, photos, and general clutter that made my workspace my own. I have two more days here and then I am a free librarian.

It is almost depressing what the cumulation of 3.5 years of work reduced to a few paper and electronic files. It reminds me that everyone is replaceable. Work continues on without you, just like when you die. Life goes on. This is the main reason I refuse to check work email during vacation. It is vacation for a reason. No one at work needs YOU that much. I promise. If you think they do, you need to re-evaluate your self-worth and priorities.

I have been trying to write a post for a long time. A follow-up post to my good things about academic libraries. A post containing the not so good things. A post with most of the reasons why I am leaving because, baby aside, there are many reasons that it is past time for me to move on. I will keep working on that because the post itself has been many long days, weeks, months, in the making.

I am 31 weeks preggo at this point and starting to feel larger, more awkward, and forgetful everyday. I feel great and pregnancy seems like a very interesting adventure so far. I can not wait for Baby Rochester to actually get here. As long as he waits until I have the baby stuff actually in his room. (you hear that belly?)

I just found five conference bags underneath my desk with conference papers still in them. What am I going to do with all those bags when I already have a ton at home? What do you do with them?

My day is almost completed. I am joining Mr. Rochester and some other rocket scientists for happy hour at a wine bar. Nothing says fun like engineers with drinks. I will be drinking the non-alcoholic fare, of course.

–Jane, happy hour sans a good beer or martini is just not the same