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I am Out, One Last Time

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My last day at work on Friday was very nice. Some friends and co-workers took me to lunch and we stuffed ourselves silly with Greek food. I am not sure what they do to gyro meat, but I swear I could eat it everyday.

After much consideration, I also decided to have a conversation with my boss on my way out the door. I wanted her to know some things that have been hard the past few months for me. I must say, it was rewarding to finally be honest. She was pleased both with my honesty and my willingness to share. We talked about her ideas regarding the future of the group, which involves a lot more online support for students, and some trends on librarianship. It did not change my mind about leaving, but I think she has some great ideas about where to take Instruction in the future.

I have spent my first day home doing laundry and running errands. Nothing too glamorous. It is raining here and the dog and I are on the couch enjoying the dreariness of the day.

–Jane, her belly jiggles, like a bowl full of jelly