I Can Has LOLjob?

This job ad, for a developer at I Can Has Cheezburger is one of the funniest I have seen in a long time. I wonder how many applications they will receive.

The web has made it possible for companies and libraries to advertise for new employees in many different ways. I have seen job ads for library positions posted on blogs, listed on LISJobs, and traded around on Twitter. Many librarians I know say the job searches at their libraries routinely receive a large number of applications, anywhere from 50-100. This is especially true for entry level positions.

Using the internet to circulate your job openings, will increase the diversity of your applicant pool and thus provide you with better choices. This seems simple, but there are many libraries who still only advertise in the same old places and then wonder why their applicant pools are so low.

Do you have a blogger on your staff? Someone who uses Twitter regularly? Ask them to post a link to the job opening at your library. Encourage them to write about your library in their own words. As prospective employees, people want to know about your library, so make information about your organization easy to find.

–Jane, use the great people you have to be your best recruiters