Thursday, packing

Today, I am packing up the car with animals, Wee Bairn, myself, and all the crap that must accompany us for a three day jaunt from home. Mr. Rochester will be following us later in the day. He has work and bachelor party festivities tonight. Sadly, I am fairly certain there will be no disreputable ladies in attendance. (I was not invited, you see.)

My baby brother is getting married.

Having the Wee Bairn and my brother getting married is making me feel like an old hag.

I am looking forward to the wedding and the surrounding festivities. My family, never one to back down from a party, beer, or other adult beverage, should be in fine form this weekend.

I have finally started to read some things here and there, catching up on things I have missed, but I have barely made a dent. I feel like I have been living at the bottom of a really long hole. Where is the shovel and rope when I need them?

I hope everyone has a lovely weekend.

–Jane, has used up all of the Wee Bairn’s patience in writing this bit of nothing