Oh, Internets, I Never Knew How Much I Loved You

Dear, lovely, readers, it has been a sad, sad past few weeks for Jane. I have been without the Internet and Cable since the hurricane. This would normally be a trial, but since I also stay home full time, I feel like I have been stranded on some hellish island in which I only have access to local news and NPR in the morning. For the record, I love NPR and hate local news.

I never realized how much I love my DVR and hate commercials. I do not even know when shows come on anymore because my DVR has made me so incredibly lazy.

Last night, Mr. Rochester worked a miracle of Moses proportions and we are now connected to the rest of the world. Thank God for smart husbands who refuse to stop looking at every possible avenue when I have long since given up in despair.

I know, as librarians, many of you are thinking that I should have just gone to the library or a friend’s house to pilfer their tubes. Yes, excellent idea, but it is hard to slog through 3 weeks of email with a squirmy 5 month old on your lap. The few times I was able to get online it was for emergency and triage purposes only.

If you have been waiting for an email from me, please give me a couple days to catch my breath. I feel like an addict who has been denied their drug of choice too long and I can scarcely decide what to do first. Vacation photos? A post here? A family update? Shopping? Research? Reading? Porn? (because you know the Internet is only for porn)

I think I need lunch before diving completely in.

–Jane, so happy to be back to normal