Early Voting and a Hope for the Future

Today, the family Rochester is heading to the polls. I even registered the Wee Bairn as Mickey Mouse, but I am not sure they will actually let him cast a ballot. We do not have a picture ID, you see.

I have not been this excited about voting since my first time after turning 18. It was the second election with Bill Clinton on the ticket.

I recently visited a friend of mine in Dallas who was my roommate while I was in grad school. We are wonderful friends though we are very different people, especially when it comes to politics. We do discuss politics occasionally and she said something to me over lunch to which I, at the time, had no response. When I asked her what she thought of the campaigns so far, she said the idea of Obama as President scared her. I did not know what to say about that, then.

Fear should never be the thing that decides your vote. I should have replied with, “Now, you know how I felt in 2000 and then I was even more afraid in 2004.” In 2000, I was shock and in 2004, I was crushed that my fears about my fellow citizens were confirmed.

The world, however, went on after that and one could argue about if we are better off or not depending on your views.

I just want my friend to know that, regardless of the outcome, the world will not come crashing down and we will sally forth in this democracy in the only way we know how, with determination. Only Tuesday will tell which of us will be licking our wounds.

–Jane, is voting for change