Restless Whining

I have felt a general restlessness of late, the origin of which I think stems form many things.

Many of my librarian friends have been in Denver at Midwinter. Not only are they in one of my favorite locales, the mountains, they are there, having fun, without me. I suddenly feel like the lonely kid on the playground, sitting on the seesaw all by myself. I received some good news from one of my friends, but it was older news (though new to me) and made me feel even more out of the loop. Like the loop has passed me by.

Thinking about this and walking to our car on Friday, I told Mr. Rochester that I missed my friends and that I missed traveling. I made sure to clarify that I did not miss my job! I only missed the fun traveling and cavorting in different cities with people that I respect and love. It is the truth. I miss my profession. I certainly do not miss my job.

The second reason for my malaise is that the Rochester family has been busy this past week planning a series of trips for the upcoming months. I love nothing as much as I love to travel. Well, I do love coffee and the mountains… can I have a vacation involving both?

Viola. Maybe not mountains, but the Rochester clan, along with all of the in-laws, cousins, aunts, uncles, etc. of Mr. Rochester, are going to Costa Rica in June. I am very excited about going back to the place with the most beautiful, wild beaches I have ever seen. Any family outing this long and lasting a week should be hilarious and crazy enough to make a sane person loony. I think plenty of pina coladas will take the edge off enough.

We are also going to Boston for a long weekend in April, to Florida in June, and to Chicago for Annual in July. All this planning, while great, only makes me want to go right this moment. Like now.

And that is enough whining for today, tomorrow, and the rest of the week!

–Jane, will have to be patient