An Unconference for the People

It is time to be the presentation topic you want to be.

Do you have a topic you want to discuss with others but can find no outlet? Have a new idea or project you want to share?

At ALA Annual 2009, I (along with my frequent partner in crime Meredith Farkas) am helping to plan and run an Unconference as part of Jim Rettig’s “Creating Connections” initiatives. 75 people will be able to participate in an all day event where they can be presenter, discussion leader, and participant. The attendees will choose the topics for discussion and presentation. It is going to be a fun and new way to interact at ALA.

Be the change you want to see and come play with us Friday, July 10th from 9-5. All you have to do is add your name to the list. I promise that you will have fun and learn something exciting in the process.

This is a unique opportunity to not only be part of something new at ALA but it is also a way to connect with your fellow librarians while discussing the topics of the day chosen by you and not the talking heads.

–Jane, looking forward to seeing who wants to play and what they want to talk about