Some facebook Adventures

For years now, I have resisted both MySpace and facebook. Fervently, resisted. I recently relented, quite unhappily, because my best friend moved to Amsterdam and, despite my suggestion that she start a blog, she joined facebook. I too wanted to see her pictures and read about her adventures, so I created an account.

I admit that for someone who has no other online presence, facebook is pretty cool. You can join groups, find friends, chat, send messages, send presents, microblog, and a host of things I have yet to figure out. For me, though, facebook is so much added fluff. With the exception of one thing, it does nothing that I can and do accomplish elsewhere online. If I were to actually spend a long time creating myself in facebook, I would be duplicating things I have elsewhere. I just do not have time for that these days.

Time is the commodity of which I hold the least. Even sleep takes a back seat to time, because really, it is lack of time that contributes to lack of sleep. Well, that and a 10 month old Wee Bairn.

Perhaps, I am getting lazy. Perhaps, I want things to be so easy my brain does not have to function (because let’s face it, there is so little of it left these days). I just want facebook to magically populate and do the things I think it should. Some functions of facebook, I have not found very intuitive. By intuitive, I mean in the 5 minutes or less I look at it every week, I have not figured out a couple things. I know, if I actually spent time to play with facebook, I would find it easy and fun. Again with the time issue.

But still, for me, a duplication.

The only benefit to facebook has been that I have found a couple friends that I thought had escaped into life, never to be found. Indeed, the friend I regretted losing the most to time suddenly appeared again recently on my radar. It was enough to make me laugh with wonder. I am comforted to just know he is out there living, and not lost at all.

I will keep facebooking once or twice a week, but I doubt I put much effort into it. I will keep tabs on my friends, but that will be it for me. Time is short and I would rather read Cake Wrecks.

–Jane, “one bonbon is poison”

One thought on “Some facebook Adventures

  • June 5, 2009 at 8:16 am

    I would have to concur with your assessment of these social networks. My own Facebook and MySpace pages are more the result of peer pressure to join than from personal interest or a burning desire to meet new people. I simply cannot justify spending any measurable amount time on these networks because I can’t seem to justify it. I too value my time. Hopefully, I’m not just “anti-social”…:-) Great article.

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