Cinderella in March

It is that time of year again. When the flowers start blooming, the trees start budding, and Mr. Rochester becomes a man obsessed. Sadly, the object of his obsession is not his lovely wife.

College Basketball is his one true love for the next few weeks.

All day there has been basketball on in three locales in our house: the living room, on the newer flat screen TV; the bedroom, on the old flat screen; and the computer, for those untelevised games and for frequent checking of the brackets. The ever important bracket.

Do not misunderstand me. I love college basketball. I love the uncertainty. The idea that anything can happen and frequently does. Today, #1 Louiville was almost beat by #16 Moorehead and #1 Pitt v. #16 Eastern Tennessee State almost went badly as well. If either of those #16 teams had won, it would have been the first time ever for a #1 seed to loose in the first round of the NCAA tourney. That is exciting stuff.

I love the commentary supplied by Mr. R during the games. I find that with him by my side, I do not need to remember statistics or event he names of players. He provides trivia, gossip, and all manner of tidbits for me, whether I desire them or no. Who needs Prince Charming and a waltz when I can have a Mr. Rochester and a pint on the couch?

If you are a basketball fan, then I wish your team well. Unless, of course, they are playing the Aggies and then I am praying that we hand your arse to you.

–Jane, all is fair in love and sports