Old Books and Love


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The Rochesters were in Boston this past weekend and we had a great time doing all the history tourist things, plus a few fun things as well. We walked the Freedom Trail, went to Harpoon Brewery, and attended the Red Sox v. Orioles game.

One of the highlights for me was going to one of the oldest bookstores in the country, the Brattle Book Shop. I was in raptures.

They let me up on the third floor where they keep all the old tomes. I walked the aisles, running my finger along the faded spines. The air was heavy with history, dust, and places seen. I was in heaven.

Sadly, I did not see any of my favorite authors that I collect though there was a complete collection of the Brontes that gave me palpitations. Alas, it was far, far out of my price range.

The weather was great and the company wonderful. The Wee Bairn charmed all who saw him and issued nary a peep on the plane ride.

–Jane, loves books will travel