The Irony Fisticuffs Kanye West

There are so many hilarious things about Kayne West writing a book when he clearly detests reading, I am not sure where to start.

“Sometimes people write novels and they just be so wordy and so self-absorbed,” West said. “I am not a fan of books. I would never want a book’s autograph.

The book supposedly contains gems of advice and even blank pages in the 52 page tome.

But what really, really makes me laugh the most… He had to have a co-author. Seriously.

A co-author to write tidbits this:

“I feel like to misuse, overuse or abuse someone is negative. To use is necessary and if you can’t be used, then you are useless.”

–Jane, who in the what now?

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  • June 4, 2009 at 3:49 pm

    Sounds like a must read 🙂

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