In which I learn being the family librarian is hard work

Mr. Rochester is a picky reader in the sense that there are just very few things he wants to read bad enough to actually read them. He finds reading a bit boring.

I know at this point you are wondering why I married him, especially after he locked his first wife in the attic (she was crazy!). He does have some redeeming qualities. At least one. Lucky librarians in Chicago this week might get to meet him as I am dragging him and the Baby Rochester along for the ride.

But I digress… Mr. Rochester mostly likes sci-fi/fantasy type things. He asked me, since I was already going to the library, to find him a paperback to take to Chicago. Here is our actual conversation via text messaging.

Jane: what do u want?
Mr. R: whatever
Jane: you could browse amazon and give me a couple of suggestions
Jane: (again) look fast. even a genre suggestion would b helpful. dammit jim i’m a librarian not a mind reader
Mr. R: how about the “good” genre. Does that help?
Jane: haha
Mr. R: sci fi and fantasy?
Mr. R: (again) I don’t think I want to mess with a large book. i know, I’ll just buy a Kindle

Later, after alternatively searching and chasing down the child…
Jane: i actually found the perfect book
Jane: what about His Majesty’s Dragon? is an awesome excellent book

This has taught me two things:
Even when looking for a book for a loved one, you still get the, “I want the blue book” type question. You know, where they do not know what they are looking for really, but it might be blue.

Librarians are still so talented and fabulous that they find you that blue book you were looking for even though you had no idea what is was exactly you wanted.

–Jane, now back to email