Taking the ALA out of ALA

After two years of dreaming and wondering if ALA could pull it off, the ALA Unconference is tomorrow! Meredith and I worked hard on this project and it is something that we hope goes well and can be repeated in the future.

So much about the process of planning the Unconference has been wonderful. What has pleased me the most with this process is that we have topics that vary and are still timely. Not everything is technology related, which is awesome. I want the Unconference to be a place where honest discussions can happen. I have similar hopes for the Unconference as I did for the first Social Software Showcase in 2007.

If you are sad that you will not be able to make the Unconference, do not despair. We have, of course, provided a way for you to live vicariously on the Internet. We are using CoverItLive via ALA Connect as a backchannel. There will also be some information from various presenters on the schedule page. The official hashtag is #unala2009.

I feel like a kid before Christmas. I am very excited about tomorrow.

–Jane, will have trouble sleeping