Feeling Rejected?

In the spirit of scorned romance, I bring you a lovely post on the top ten reasons why editors reject manuscripts. The post is from Angela James of Carina Press, an eprint only imprint. Side note, is an eprint still considered an imprint if nothing is actually imprinted, except your mind?

As I was reading the list, I was thinking it is a wonder anything ever gets published at all. Then, I thought of all the books I have thrown at the wall for exhibiting one of these flaws. I will confess, however, to enjoying some novels whose overuse of romance novel narrative (i.e. amusing usage of words like heat, shaft, throbbing… you get the picture) are so over the top that I cackle all the way through.

The one I always remember as being the most hilarious for its overuse of themed adjectives was Bride and the Beast by Teresa Medeiros. That novel has some doosies, but the story was amusing enough that I found it all very funny. Not, I think, the intention, but I was entertained.

If you are feeling rejected this Valentine’s Day, curl up with a good or funny romance and remember that amusement comes in many forms. And often from unexpected places.

–Jane, lover of a good romance