When Politics and Nerds Collide

My friend, who works in Washington, DC, and I were having a nice little chat today and he asked me how things were at Lockheed.

Mr. Rochester, for those of you that do not know, is an actual Rocket Scientist on the Constellation Program which has been canceled by the new NASA budget. That budget is now going to Congress where they have to argue and dither over what will happen next. The bad part is even the NASA admins will not say what NASA is going to do or where they are going to do it. It is irritating for us little guys who have to stay in a holding pattern, life-wise, while the PTBs decide what the heck they are doing.

Nice that we all have a plan, right?

So back to the conversation. When you have conversations with nerds about politics, this is what you get:

[14:20] Friend: How are things at Lockheed?
[14:21] Me: not great, everything up in the air. no news. congress has knickers in a wad over NASA budget. interesting politics. would be better if it was less weiny wagging and more actual decisions however
[14:23] Friend: They get a -5 modifier to intelligence with dealing with knickers. No joke. You should see the roll for that.
[14:24] Me: Well add that roll with a few +7 asshats and whoa are they up to their ears in trouble
[14:36]Friend: That’s a pretty high asshat modifier.
[14:37] Me: well perhaps only +3 then

–Jane, wearing her +5 Browncoat t-shirt