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Now showing on a TechSource Blog near you… little me, again!

TechSource was my first real writing gig and I am fabulously happy to be back writing for them again. My first post will go up tomorrow, so keep your eyes peeled, lovely readers!

Other fun things happening:

I finished most of the work I have been doing on a book for Information Today, Inc. This means I can actually write other things now, in this space and for TechSource. I am very glad about having that mostly done. There will be more information about the book, Mob Rule Learning, in the coming months.

The Bairn Rochester is in pre-school twice a week which means, besides a quiet hours for a few hours, I can sit down and write without yelling things like, “That is not a toy!” or “Stop trying to sit on the dog’s head!” or “Calm down!” or “What are you doing?” Pure bliss, I tell you and worth every penny.

The Bairn Rochester will be joined by another wee one in March. I will have to think of something fun to call it here, since Bairn is already taken.

–Jane, busy bee