Book Review: Lionheart

This is a mini book review for Lionheart by Sharon Kay Penman. It is on sale if you preorder it now on Amazon. The book comes out October 4.

Ever since I read When Christ and His Saints Slept, I have been a fan of Penman. British history has long been a favorite of mine and no one does the English royal court like Penman. Penman does a great job of keeping all the Williams, Georges, and Johns separate for you so you know who is doing what.

Lionheart is the story of Richard and the Third Crusade to the Holy Land. With all the fighting between the French and English kings, it is a wonder there was a crusade at all. Penman shows Richard to be both an inspiring leader who leads men fearlessly into battle and a caring man who loves the women in his life in their own way. This crusade was personal to Richard, like the journey to the promised land was personal to Moses. Penman goes beyond the king to the man and what drove him to do the things that he did during this early part of his reign.

As always, Penman’s language, storytelling, and attention to detail draws you in, making you experience life in the midst of a crusade.

Recommended for fans of Penman and History alike