Farewell, Faithful Friend: Titus Pullo Smith 2005-2017

Dear Pullo,

It breaks my heart that our family will be starting over in Wyoming without you. Even though you probably would have hated it, you never did like the outdoors, you would have loved being with us. We had you for eleven and a half years before old age and arthritis finally took too heavy a toll.

You were an adorable puppy and I adored you. Even from the beginning, your tongue was rarely in your mouth.

We took you camping, which you hated, and walking, which you also disliked. We even bought you saddlebags, which you wore like a champ even though you detested hiking.

There were a lot of things you loved.

You loved your family. You were an awesome snuggler, even if you hogged the bed or couch. Your favorite place was with your people.

Christmas was a favorite time of year for you. You especially loved scratching your face with the tree branches and snoozing amidst the presents.

You took three new additions to the family, two boys and another puppy, in stride. You were unsure about Wicket for almost a year before you decided you loved her and she could share the couch.

Thanks for bieng my first “kid and for always loving me. Today was the hardest good-bye I’ve ever had to say.

I love you, puppy dog.

Love, Momma.