Parental Advisory

Mr. Rochester – aka the Boyfriend (but only when he is in the dog house) – has the supreme pleasure of having his parents visit this weekend. They live, much to his current relief, in Annapolis, but they frequently find occasions, or none at all, to come and visit their dear children here in Houston. I hold the firm belief that Mr. R only dreads these visits because it gives his mother and sister, K, the opportunity to group nag him. I, of course, never join in (this is me cackling in the background). I actually find a perverse pleasure in hearing someone else nag him on topics on which I can not sometimes help giving my opinion. It is like when you were younger and you would be unable to stop laughing hysterically as your sibling was severely upbraided by your mother. Why was this so funny? Ok, it still makes me laugh, but I am a cold hearted bitch. Time and age have not changed that.

In conclusion, please wish me many happy moments in which I sit back and gloat as Mr. R is nagged by someone other than his sweet Jane.


An Epitaph for Delilah, sugar glider of unknown age:

Delilah had a hard life before we got her, full of people who did not know how to house, keep, or feed a sugar glider. When she first came to us, she did not like us at all, but time and love won her over. Delilah had a funny habit of never jumping anywhere but rather flinging herself from place to place. She used to nibble my fingers to verify that I had not spontaneously become cantaloupe or grapes. On Delilah’s last night, she curled up in my lap and went to sleep. She was with us for almost 5 years. Good-bye my sweet, dainty girl.

Delilah is survived by her partner Samson, their son Puck, and her loving parents, Jane and Mr. Rochester.

On a lighter note

I have got to learn to not drink coffee while I walk. I am unable to accomplish this feat without spilling some of it on my shirt in embarrassing places. You know, they stick out and catch things.

Today the idiot award goes to….

Ok, there are two things I want to comment on this morning. One has been in the news here in Texas, and elsewhere, for about a week:
The Texas Board of Education, in its infinite wisdom, has decided that High School kids should only learn about abstinence. They have adopted a set of health textbooks that contain little information about contraceptives. Seriously, when is the last time a teenager heard an adult say, “Hey that is bad don’t try that,” and the teenager actually listened? Almost never. If you want to teach abstinence, do it at home.

One more thing: A school district in Georgia is embroiled in a battle over Evolution, if it should appear in High School textbooks, and if there should be a disclaimer on the books about the theory. Didn’t we settle this in the Scopes Trial?

I somtimes forget the level of idiocy displayed by people on a regular basis. Thank you Texas Board of Education and Cobb County, GA for reminding me humans are indeed a stupid species.


I was not able to lose myself in Emma’s escapades last night, but I was able to visit with some very special women in my life. I had promised my Mom a visit while she was visiting my Grandparents, who live in the same area as the Boyfriend, so I went over there after dinner. My Aunt, who also lives in the area was there as well. We had some wine and talked of nothing of great importance: family news, projects, quilting. As I was sitting there, surrounded by years of life and knowledge, I smiled at the blessing I have in my family. To be able to sit down with three generations of amazing women and talk about anything at all is a feat in itself. These women have made me stronger with their love and with the experiences they share. I would not trade them for anything.

Wanderings for the day

This is the time of day when one sits at one’s desk and asks, “Is it 5 yet?……What about……………… Now?!” I have not been outside since this morning, but the brief glimpses of the blue sky and sunshine outside of the window have made me long for a blanket in some nice spot and a book. By the time I leave work, it will have already begun to darken and I will have missed a large part of the beautiful day. Is it right to keep people holed up this way? At least I like my job and can feel free to pity those who do not love theirs half as much.

The worst thing about reading a good book (yes I said worst thing) is that no matter what else you are doing, you would rather be reading the book. It is as if everything else becomes less real and you are just biding time until you can read again. My lunch break was so long ago and when I get home I will have to pay attention to the boyfriend instead of Emma Woodhouse. Drats!

Beautiful Day

Oh, glorious Saturday! What wonders do you have in store for me today? With coffee and book in hand, I greet you beautiful sun and chilly air. Hooray, for a day of leisure and college football. There are times when being alone can be a burden, but sometimes I revel in aloneness. This is a weekend without plans and obligations, so I am enjoying it in my favorite way. Is it wrong to spend all day reading? I think not. Enjoy your weekend.

Librarians as Teachers

Why I think librarians should teach information literacy:

Teaching is important. Though there are benefits to self discovery, we must all gain a base knowledge before attempting to navigate the world. Librarians as teachers can help students find their rudder in the unending sea of information. Teaching is essential because a person who knows how to use the Library and evaluate the information in the world around them, will be the one who can find direction in chaos and who will realize the true importance of the Library. Librarians teach others to need us more by needing us less.

Sir Paul

Two years ago I heard something I thought I would never be blessed to hear: Paul McCartney singing live. It was the most amazing, surreal, indescribable thing I have ever seen. Every time the chords to a new song would fill the concert hall, I thought I would cry. Now if you are not a lover of the Beatles, I pity your lack of taste. The BBC has a set of photos from McCartney’s latest tour which flooded me with happy thoughts. Nothin’s gonna change my world.