BarCamp Presentations: The Up Experience and Spresent

This post has two presentations for the price of one. Lucky you, dear reader.


The Up Experience is based on TED – Technology Entertainment Design conference/gathering. You can see past TED presentations on the web.

The Up Experience will bring big thinkers to Houston to share their knowledge of the world. It sounds cool and enlightening. It is $1000 for the day. They are keeping the speakers under wraps, but Ernie did say that Steve Wosniak is one of the speakers and they will have Eric Mongrain there as an entertainer. It is possible that there will be scholarships, so if you feel you deserve one, let them know.


Sasha is presenting on his startup called Spresent that creates flash presentation that runs in a browser. You can export a .swf file onto your desktop with an application that lives on your desktop with the paid version. The desktop version also has the ability to add audio to the presentation. With the free version, you can create and publish your presentations on the web. [I think this is a good tool, but I do not see how it is very different from Zoho Show or Slideshare.] I asked Sasha how his tool was different and he said that this tool is based on Flash, not Ajax and HTML. Sasha said that Ajax is a crappy tool for graphics. [I do not know enough about the differences between these two tools to know if Ajax is a bad graphic tool.] Spresent will eventually have a pro version which is more robust.

Sasha thinks Power Point does not meet people’s needs on the web and for presentation. [I do agree, even though I still use PPT. I try to make my PPT presentations graphic based, so that text is not the real anchor. I think that text beyond a headline to often too much.]


The presentations have been interesting and pithy. I like that people only have a short time to talk. It forces presenters to get to the point, fast. The people I have meet so far are chatty about technology and very nice. Most of them are web guys and gals who do freelance work or own their own company.

It is almost time for lunch. I will be glad of the time to stretch my legs and walk around.

–Jane, i <3 geeks

BarCamp Presentation: StartUp Houston

Start Up
Promoting start ups in Houston
They want to help connect startups to resources and connection opportunities

If you are and entrepreneur:
Promote yourself on StartUp
HTC Houston Emerging Technology Council is a new group that is starting Tuesday, August 28th.

How to encourage the growing technology community:

  • Interact with the university community to engage students
  • Get involved in the open source community
  • Visibility of Houston as a place for StartUps by creating traffic on websites
  • Find ways to connect mentors with newbies
  • Open Coffee Club – Thursday, August 30th
    Web Design Smackdown – Wed. 9/26
    Startup Weekend Houston – Friday, 9/28-9/30
    See calendar for more details and events.

    –Jane, there are a lot of people her thinking about starting their own startup

    BarCamp is People!

    BarCamp Houston

    In less than twenty-four hours, geeks from all over the region will descend upon Houston to learn and share all the great stuff they know about technology. All the cool kids will be at BarCamp. Do you want to join us? It is not too late. Just come willing to share tomorrow at 9am at the Houston Technology Center.

    I will be blogging and taking ridiculous amounts of pictures during the event so keep your eyes turned this way and please excuse me if I geek out.

    –Jane, ready with powercord, laptop, and camera in hand

    BarCamp Houston: no, it is not in a bar

    I have heard about BarCamp before and I always thought it would be cool to go to one. A BarCamp is an unconference for geeks. You show up and are required to participate in some way: present on a topic, be on a panel, or bring your wifi router and power strip. You are required to share what you know with others and geek out all day, then go geek out on the world.

    Can you think of anything else more fun? No. The answer is no, you can not think of anything else more fun. The problem I have now is choosing which geeky shirt do I wear?

    On August 25th, BarCamp is going to be in Houston. I have already signed up and offered to give a talk. Mr. Rochester will be off with the boys for the weekend, celebrating the impending nuptials of a friend. I was going to closet myself at home to write, but I think this is worthy of changing my plans.

    –Jane, anyone want to join us?