Mmmm… Jensen Ackles

In which I talk about some CW shows

Supernatural has been on the Rochester household list of watched shows for all of its four seasons. It is a very diverting show which has never disappointed me. Mmmmm… Jensen Ackles. And the plots and stuff, obviously.

One of their recent episodes, about some mysterious circumstances at a magician’s conference, was named “Criss Angel is a Douche Bag.” It made me laugh and laugh. The comic styling in Season three of “Ghostfacers” was also hilarious. This clip of Eye of the Tiger was added onto the end of an episode. You Tube is actually a great place to see some funny clips of the Winchester boys. Aaaaand, I am officially sucked in.

About 30 minutes of clips later.

This show uses a lot of classic rock as theme music, which Mr. Rochester and I like. There really is very little I do not like about the show. Mr. R is tired of the self loathing exhibited by Jensen Ackles’ character. Mmmm… Jensen Ackles. But it does not bother me. Not in the way that the angst between Clark and Lana on Smallville makes me want to run from the room screaming and tearing my own eyes out. At least the writers on that show seem to have spared the viewers much of that business this season. The summary of this week’s episode says that Lana will go missing, so I am already getting ready for an episode full of stupidity on the part of Clark. “But I luuuurve her. Why can’t I have her for myself?” *gag*

While I am talking about CW shows, I may as well admit that my guilty pleasure show this year is 90210. I can not stop watching it, even though it is not that great. Is this how people who watch reality television feel? You really want to stop and you feel your brain dripping out your ears at the silliness but you simply can not look away?

–Jane, still does not get “reality” TV

A day filled with Flan fun

I finally got my hands on the Angel: After the Fall: First Night graphic novel. It is a beautiful hardcover from IDW. I can not wait to devour it.

They were out of Serenity #2 and 3 of Better Days. The guy said they keep selling out so I had to put my name on a list for the next shipment.

This was the Wee Bairn’s first trip to the comic book store. He wore an appropriate outfit for the occasion and looked like a geek’s offspring. Now he just needs some library or literary related outfits.

–Jane, is writing instead of reading

Wood, for Geeks

XKCD, “If I wasn’t married, I would take you in a [womanly] fashion” or at the very least share a pint of Mudder’s Milk with you if I ever got the chance.

XKCD Comic

–Jane, typing with wee bairn on her lap

Amazon Spending

A lovely friend gave me an Amazon gift certificate for my birthday last month and I have been pondering what I should buy with it. I must have been in a Whedonverse only mood because I just purchased the following items:

Will the Vampire People Please Leave the Lobby by Allyson Beatrice
Firefly: The Official Companion, Vol. 1
Firefly: The Official Companion, Vol. 2
Serenity Found: More Unauthorized Essays on Joss Whedon’s Firefly Universe ed. by Jane Espensen

–Jane, now to wait till they get here *thumb twiddle*

Whedon Gets 7 Show Deal With Fox

Thanks for the info, Jason.

Joss signed a seven show deal for a new series, called The Dollhouse. Our very own Whedonverse Eliza Dushku will be the leading role. She plays a woman, Echo, who can be hired to fulfill any fantasy, sexual, illegal, or sweet, but when her task is done her memory is wiped and she lives in a facility called the Dollhouse.

It sounds interesting. Joss and Eliza did an interview with Kristin Dos Santos of E! and you can imagine her squealing in joy as she wrote the piece.

–Jane, finally, we can have some good Joss sized television again