This Means Trouble

This Means Trouble

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This is my second go at this post, thanks to a crazy internets with tubes.

On Wednesday, I went out with some old friends. We get together every so often. This time, we were celebrating one of us getting married (me), one of us being home for a week from Iraq (not me), one of us getting a “real” job (are you kidding, so not me), and one of us buying a house (have already crossed that bridge). It was fun and there were drinks all around. That seemingly harmless bunch in the photo could very possibly be us.

We went to a place called Cosmo’s Café on Heights Blvd. They had an eclectic clientele, served juicy burgers, and wonderful homemade fries. I highly recommend it if you are in the area. I had a burger and about 5 or so beers for $20.

My friend who is home for a week from Iraq had a lot of stories to tell, some of which he has been unable to post on his blog. The British military refer to a Hummer as a Snatch. (insert inappropriate sexual joke here) Oh, the possibilities for hilarities on that are endless.

I asked my friend what the strangest thing about Iraq was. His response: There is no way to explain it to people over here. Well said.

Going to the Lake

The New Swing

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I am a lucky girl. I have friends and family and a roof over my head. Going to New Orleans put things in perspective. It was nice, though I did grump a bit, to have the Gulf Coast Librarians at the Bloggers’ Bash to share their stories. Actually my grumping was for the formality, not the actual content, but that is a different issue.

Back to the task at hand. I am going away and will be unplugged. May your 4th of July be filled with fireworks, good food, drink, laughter, and friends. I know mine will be. Cheers.

I Was Born A Travelin’ Man

One of my favorite people in the world left for Iraq today. I worry by nature. I can feel the tears in my throat for him though I never did cry while we were talking on the phone or when I first found out about his new job.

He will only be there for a handful of months, but he better come back in one piece. If you do not post to your blog, Adriel, semi-regularly, we are going to have some problems. The kind where I kick your sorry arse and make you drink too much frosty beer.
–Jane, safe travels, my friend

The Post From Friday, Delayed a Bit

It has been one of those weeks that picks you up squeezes you, flings you about, loves you then leaves you, all the while laughing maniacally. I feel good about all that was completed and ok with the progress in projects looming.

My day was brightened by two things:

A talk at my library by none other than Lawrence Lessig which was as informative as the content was frustrating. I will have a nice review of the topic (with pictures!) up soon.

After the Lessig talk, I came back to my office to find a truly lovely piece of mail in my mailbox. The wordsmith, Michael, sent me a letter (picture coming) of friendship that made me smile down to my toes. Some people are to remind us of the kindness in the world.

Jane, happy friday

Shuffle This Way

I am now the proud owner of an iPod Shuffle thanks to my very generous friend who owns an iPod and had the crazy luck to win a Shuffle at Midwinter. You are fabulous, darling. Fabby. Fabuloso. *big toothy grin*
Now, I want to go home and start downloading all the Lost and The Signal podcasts. Teehee.

–Jane, might actually read the manual for this gadget

It’s Sharpe

Over Midwinter, I, along with the other plotters, convinced one of our friends to just start a blog already. Amazingly enough, he did and is off to a great start with this post about library buildings.

My personal theory has always been that the library is the dumping ground for the lost bastards of the university world. Don’t get me wrong – I love libraries. It’s just that we’re the only ones accepting enough to tackle the world’s problems – sort of the intellectual version of Ellis Island. We’re open minded and… well, just plain open!

An interesting and not exactly wrong notion of how we end up with some buildings and the people that fill them.

–Jane, the library is always open

More Pictures

There are more pictures of Midwinter on my flickr site. I did not want to put them all up here, so go, visit, and laugh. The really hilarious ones are there, except for the ones I had to erase all evidence of the next day. The ones I looked at and said, “I do not remember taking those.” If I only had a dollar every time I said that…

–Jane, just kidding they are on my hardrive and I will sell them for hard cash money