You know you are a geek when…

You have a serious debate with your husband over what order is the proper viewing order for Star Wars when it is time to introduce them to your children.

Do you go with the traditional viewing, Episodes 4,5,6,1,2,3?

Do you show them chronology and run the risk of the special effects of the newer ones shadowing the campiness of the older ones? Will the crappy dialog and terrible acting of Episodes 1-3 completely turn off the young ones?

We came to the conclusion that Star Wars is best shown in the traditional manner, with the original trilogy followed by the newer movies. Besides the reasons stated above, we also feel that Episodes 1-3 allude to events and people in the older Episodes (4-6) which enrich the viewing experience.

–Jane, thinks the Jedi Drinking Song Prequel says it all

Friday Bits

I have realized that I put a lot of things on Twitter that I used to post in random posts here. I do not want to make all my tweets come here (how annoying is that all the time?), but I think I should try to put more of the random here for you, the readers I love.

The following link is NSFW because of language. This stand up bit by Louis CK about the differences between girls and women is hilarious. Fabulously, hilarious.

I am currently reading two books:
At Grave’s End by Jeaniene Frost (fluff with the undead)
Tribes by Seth Godin (be a leader already)

The new podcast that I am listening to and love is Slice of SciFi. Why have I not listened to this before? I do not always agree with them (they are not big fans of District 9 for instance), but the banter is superb and the geekery… it’s awesome.

Mr. Rochester and I are popping open the Trappist Ale we have had aging in the fridge. I think it is the perfect way to end the week. Next on the brew list is malted apple cider and some pumpkin ale.

–Jane, happy, content, may you be also

If it was April…

I would assume this was a joke. Strangely, it is neither April nor a joke, though it may indeed be a farce.

I am currently trying to wrap up some post-ALA things and juggling the never ending list of things I must do, which includes the care and feeding of that child someone left on my doorstep. Note to self, remove doorstep.

–Jane, soylent green, it’s what’s for dinner

In Case of Zombies with a Side of Fisticuffs

A cautionary tale of how a family full of geeks can carry a thing too far.

On Saturday, my family got together to see the new Star Trek movie, eat homemade pizza, an enjoy the good company. Well, we really just wanted to talk about how cute our babies are, but who can blame us?

Star Trek was great. One of the first scenes is, naturally, a bar fight and I was thinking, “Fisticuffs! No movie is complete without a good bout of fisticuffs!” It made me think that fisticuffs is a wonderful word and highly underutilized. The movie really is great and I loved all the inside jokes for the Trekkies. I appreciated that it explained the universe for the uninitiated. Catch it while you can in the theater or before you get sidetracked by one of the many other great things coming out this summer.

Over delicious pizza, I brought up a very serious topic: What the family plan should be in case of a zombie attack/outbreak*. As soon as I mentioned it, my brother said in jubilation with hands in the air, “Thank you! It is about time someone brought this up!!” He was obviously relieved someone else has been as concerned as he as been. What followed was a detailed discussion on the pros and cons of various plans.

We think the safest place for our family would be the Lake a la Rochester, which is about 3 hours away. If we made it there, we could live out on my parents’ pontoon boat. Obviously, zombies can’t swim, so out on the water would be the best place to hide. We could take excursions to shore to gather supplies as needed.

The problem is that Mr. R and I live on the south side of Houston. I am concerned about getting across the city. Mr. R thinks we can do it if we circumvent some of the major road ways. I observed that, as in hurricane season (which is now upon us! already!) I need to keep the gas tank full in the car. No more getting down to Empty. You never know when you may have to escape a zombie horde. Or a hurricane.

My brother pronounced this plan sound and proceeded to discuss the kinds of shotguns he thinks we would need to repel an attack. While the family Rochester does own several guns among us, (sadly none at my domicile) not one of us has a cricket paddle which served Shaun so well. My brother thinks a double barrel, sawed-off shotgun would be a fun zombie weapon, but my dad countered that gun would only be good at short range. My brother wanted to argue the coolness factor though if you are running for your life from zombies perhaps cool is not the most important fact when choosing a gun.

The conversation went on and by the end I am almost certain that my mother, sister, and father thought the rest of us were crazy. Perhaps. But we will be prepared.

–Jane, we could always resort to fisticuffs

*Mr. Rochester and I started talking about escaping zombies after watching 28 Weeks Later. Not because the movie was good. On the contrary, it was horrible for so many reasons it is hard to describe them all in a way which makes sense because the movie itself is ridiculous and requires the absence of all sane logic and reason. The first movie, 28 Days Later was great. This one, not so much with the good.

Cereal Prizes Are Back

I thought cool prizes in cereal were a thing of the past, but yesterday I saw an ad for the new Kellog promotion. They are offering five badges from the new Star Trek movie. The badges are Kilngon, Romulan, Command, Engineering, and Sciences (Federation). Each badge lights up.

I feel like a kid again. A really nerdy kid.

–Jane, looking forward to the new movie

Shiny Goodness

Today, ladies and gents, the Serenity Special Edition DVD comes out. I know you are all going to rush out and buy it. I am stopping on my way home, unless Mr, Rochester wants to make a trip to Fry’s with me after dinner. Fry’s is a geek mecca of techie goodness.

I also found a nice surprise in my email this morning. I know it is a month and a half away, but I want these for my birthday. They would look great in my office or on any wall for that matter.

–Jane, unsuccessful at keeping the fangirl in check this morning