It’s Only a Theory

In October of 2005, George C. Deutsch, a young Bush political appiontee to NASA, told the web designers to place the word “theory” before every mention of the Big Bang on the NASA website. This of course, pissed off a bunch of people.

On February 6th, 2006, Nick Anthis of The Scientific Activist (a blog) posted the revelation that through some simple research he had found that Deutsch never graduated from Texas A&M as his resume claimed. In fact, he never finished college at all! The New York Times also has the story here. You can see the story as it unfolded in NASA Watch here. (Thanks for the heads up, Mr. R)

Thank you Mister Bush. For appointing a man who did not go to college to a position in which he was able to censor what scientists told the public. I really appreciate that… a lot. Of course, telling people what to believe is something you think you do quite well.

–Jane, she is just a theory

One *bleeping* City, One *bleeping* Book

The little town of Friendswood is about 15 minutes from my house in the burbs in Galveston County. This story makes me laugh and cry hysterically at the same time.

[Councilman]Peden said he felt the book deals with issues young teens are not yet ready for.

“We should give them wings, but they should be smaller when they are young,” he said. “This is too much, too soon.

Oh, no. We can not have teenagers reading bad words or reading about sex because then they might know those things exist. Egads!

For a nice summary, read Michael Schaub’s take. It is better than reading the actual story which can lead to hyterical sobbing and hair pulling.

–Jane, does not have enough hair to pull, not really

In Memory of MLK

A day late, but not lacking in importance.

I have heard many people grumble about the holiday remembering Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. People I love and care about, but who are misguided about what this day means. On this day, we, as Americans, can remember a past not too distant and the sins that abounded. Some of those sins linger today, but I believe that we are moving forward. It is imperative that we remember Martin Luther King, Jr. who taught a nation that nonviolence, faith, and perseverance can change the world.

One of my bosses sent this to our list this morning and I thought it was good enough to share.

–Jane, everyone dreams

Today the idiot award goes to….

Ok, there are two things I want to comment on this morning. One has been in the news here in Texas, and elsewhere, for about a week:
The Texas Board of Education, in its infinite wisdom, has decided that High School kids should only learn about abstinence. They have adopted a set of health textbooks that contain little information about contraceptives. Seriously, when is the last time a teenager heard an adult say, “Hey that is bad don’t try that,” and the teenager actually listened? Almost never. If you want to teach abstinence, do it at home.

One more thing: A school district in Georgia is embroiled in a battle over Evolution, if it should appear in High School textbooks, and if there should be a disclaimer on the books about the theory. Didn’t we settle this in the Scopes Trial?

I somtimes forget the level of idiocy displayed by people on a regular basis. Thank you Texas Board of Education and Cobb County, GA for reminding me humans are indeed a stupid species.