All Fixed

My blog is now working fine thanks to Blake who always fixes whatever I manage to brake!

–Jane, is good at braking stuff

Updating and Changing the View

While I would love to make all the changes needed to this space in a single day, I will be fiddling with things for a few days due to a schedule ruled by the Wee Bairn.

I will let you, dear readers, know, when I am done mucking about.

–Jane, thanks for understanding

A List Resulting From Too Many Bloody Meetings

Things I did today in my meetings (appearing in random order):

  1. asked questions about persistent URLs in Elsevier’s Science Direct
  2. realized I made a huge spelling mistake on my subject blog for my library *smacked forehead, then fixed error*
  3. complained about my meeting on Twitter
  4. received advice about Elsevier via Twitter, see item 1
  5. checked my email
  6. checked Twitter
  7. refreshed email
  8. refreshed Twitter
  9. thought I should quit and go work for a vendor, they make more money
  10. did not fall asleep once
  11. succeeded in not poking my own eyeball out to relieve pain of various meetings

–Jane, was ready to go back to her desk at the end of the meeting marathon

Pre-Midwinter Houskeeping

Before I leave for Midwinter on Thursday morning, I have some things that must be slapped up here. If they are not up by Midwinter they shall fade away into the sunset. Thus, it should be a slight flurry here today and tomorrow.

Houston received its first, and likely only,winter storm of the year and it did not even freeze at my house. Boo.

–Jane, next up, a cruise top 10