Illinois Bill Update

Thanks to Michael Stephens for the information. This is a follow-up post for this previous installment.
Another bill was submitted on the same day as the Social Networking Website Prohibition Act. The other bill is amazing in its differences as it actually calls for education of children instead of censorship. The alternative bill was submitted by Sen. Dan Kotowski called the Internet Safety Education Act. Way to go, Illinois. You elected one smart guy. Let’s work on getting more, ok?
–Jane, *sigh*

Illinois Takes Leave of Its Senses

And the DOPA insanity continues on a state level in Illinois as State Sen. Matt Murphy willfully misunderstands exactly how the Internet works. He has introduced a bill called the Social Networking Website Prohibition Act.

Hey, remember that one time we had something with “prohibition” in the title and it turned out that it was a reactionary, non-enforceable, idiotic law?

How did that work out for you?


–Jane, the Lord preserve her from her lawmakers

Joss Whedon

I have been catching up on my podcasts the past couple of days on my drive in. I really only listen to two podcasts, The Signal and Firefly Talk. I am a woman of singular taste.

This morning, I listened to a bonus show of Firefly talk during which they replayed Joss’ speech during an Equality Now function. It is only about 8 minutes long and you can listen to it on YouTube (see previous link).

His speech is short and wonderful. He is the original BDH and I am happy to be a fangirl.
–Jane, “equality is not a concept”

Texas Politics

As a Democrat, I am tickled pink this morning. My district, formally known as Tom DeLay’s, will now be represented by Democrat Nick Lampson.

Unfortunately, Rick Perry (R) will be our governor again, but I think it is the power of his hair that keeps him going. His hair can withstand hurricane force winds and always look exactly the same. It defines the laws of Science. A colleague and I were discussing the next governor’s race (yes, far down the road) and we think Bill White, current Mayor of Houston could have a shot at de-hairing Perry.

–Jane, winning the hearts and minds

Kinky In the News, again

The Governor’s Race in Texas has started gaining a lot of momentum in the news lately. I have gotten back in the habit of reading the Burnt Orange Report, one of my favorite local, political blogs.

An entry on Saturday, recounts a discussion with Kinky Friedman that did not turn out well. Kinky has taken some hits lately in the media and I am sure this does not help. The comments are an excellent example of how the internet turns people into idiots. Sometimes, the internet is the most. hilarious. thing. ever. Where else, can so many people exhibit their idiocy for all to see?

–Jane, case in point

Library Director Fired for Doing Her Job

Holy crap. What in hell is going on here? Apparently, it seems that this group had a lot to do with the events.

One of the damning things, according to the GCPL Watch Group, that Jo Ann Pinder’s library did under her management was spend over $7,000 on Spanish language materials. On No! People are speaking Spanish?! In America?! We must invade the immoral city and kill the infidels. We must force them to live by our beliefs.

Oops, wrong country. Oops again, that is ours.

–Jane, was under the impression she lived in America or something resembling it

And the Fires of Righteousness Spread

Laura Mallory of Lawrenceville, GA wants the school district there to take all the Harry Potter books off the shelves because she wants to,

…protect children from evil, not fill their minds with it,” Mallory said. “The ‘Harry Potter’ books teach children and adults that witchcraft is OK for children.”

When I finished the last Harry Potter novel, I sent days doing spells on Mr. R, trying to divine my fortune from tea leaves, and looking askance at every large black dog I saw. Um, no actually, I did none of those things because…

It is called Fiction for a reason. Maybe we should define fiction for Mrs. Mallory.

fiction, n. – The species of literature which is concerned with the narration of imaginary events and the portraiture of imaginary characters; fictitious composition. Now usually, prose novels and stories collectively; the composition of works of this class (from the Oxford English Dictionary Online)

It does not help that Mallory has, by her own admission, never read the book.

Another mother, Stacy Thomas, wants the books banned because after reading them her daughter turned to witchcraft. This in turn

“…caus[ed] their Christian family to lose friends, finances and their reputation.”

Yes, well the Bakers no longer talk to us and it is all your fault! You are going send us all into the fires of hell!

I am not sure someone who lists “reputation” as a serious result is truly concerned about her child or behaving in a “Christian” manner. Maybe the actual welfare of your children should be a higher concern than what the neighbors are thinking. Just a thought.

–Jane, a little common sense go a long, loooong way

My Buddy and Me

(redo post due to technical issues)

Mr. Rochester and I plunked down $41 to obtain a piece of paper that says we can marry any day after April 22, 2006 (good for for thirty days).

Defective Yeti has a great idea about marriage: create a Buddy System instead. I completely agree that the reason we have so many debates about “marriage” revolves around the word itself and the different meanings it holds. It is not always just about the State or God or Both. The quicker everyone realizes that we are talking about a different thing with the same privileges and the same word, the better off we will all be.

Also, couples wishing to Buddy would be required to have their ceremony somewhere awesome, like a waterslide park or a Yeah Yeah Yeahs concert or the Seattle Aquarium. And an open bar would be mandated by law.

Mr. R and I are tying the knot before God, family, and friends at a winery. I think that fulfills the “awesome” and alcohol requirements.

–Jane, in sickness, misery, and crazy days (mostly mine)