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This is the reason why last night I got my first night of uninterrupted sleep since the 23rd of December. I am away from him in San Antonio. Poor baby. I hope his dad does not let him drink too much at the party tonight.

Tis’ the Season… for unusually hot weather

Christmas here in H town was warm, about 70 degrees, but that did not stop us from drinking hot mulled wine while we opened presents. I must have been good because I got all the things on my list I really wanted. Now if only Santa could bring a winning lottery ticket and world peace, I’d be set.

Mr. Rochester and I expanded our family by one Nebolish Mastiff puppy who likes to eat, sleep, poo, and eat my toes. He is cute and received more presents than either Mr. R or myself. I know that by the time I have kids, my parents and in-laws will have completely negated my existence.

I am goofing around with Word Press and the new site, not with much success, but I am working on a learning curve. My only plan for this week, besides laying around in my pajamas and watching my puppy, is going out with some old friends from high school.

–Jane, watching Firefly… again

Holiday Boredom

In true library fashion, we are open, but I think the employees outnumber the patrons by an easy 10 to 1. This reflects how I am feeling at the moment. I have aimlessly wandered the web today, read my feeds, and now I think I must actually do a bit of work before I die of boredom.

Tonight begins the Christmas revelry. Mr. Rochester and I will go to his sister’s house for the first of many evenings filled with food and drink over the next week. Mr. R will try to drown his mother’s voice by drinking too much wine and I will end up driving home. Ah, family. They make you curse genetics and life.

Tomorrow, the cutest dog in the entire world will be in my possession.

–Jane, really, if I was any more bored I might resort to just typing stuff like “Thbbbppppp!” into posts

Tuesday Bits

I have a lot of little things to say, so it is bits and bits.

Welcome, Gabriella Mackenzee! New to the world as of yesterday and number 18 in the cousin line of my family. We are a rowdy bunch who loves hard and never knows when to stop drinking. Hey, we learned it from the adults.

And this link, older, but timely for a few of us, so I wanted to put it up. Plus, these guys crack me up.

Library 2.0 – I have previously written about this, but it seems to be the topic of discussion. If you are wondering what all the hub bub is about, go and read the original article from Talis that started it all here.

Mr. Rochester and I went to a dinner and silent auction on Saturday and bet whimsically on a trip to Costa Rica. We won, much to our surprise, and later (it took a awhile for me to get over the shock of actually winning), delight. I love to travel so I am very happy that next year I will be going to Scotland and Costa Rica. Awesome.

Lastly, but not leastly, and as I have nothing else to say, I present to you, the bundle of joy Mr. Rochester and I will be picking up December 23, Pullo.

World, meet Titus Pullo Smith. Pullo, meet world. Awwwwww.

I promise not to do that a lot, but I am very proud of my puppy dog. Oh, and bonus to whomever can guess where that name is from and it does not count if I have already told you. Cheaters.

–Jane, time’s a’flyin’