Are You Lost Without Lost?

I have been passing on the radio this week in favor of pop culture fun, hence the last post and this gem.

I am counting the days until Lost starts up again in February. My friend, eprahs, sent me this video that the Lost cast made for a convention in Las Vegas. The receipt of this video proves my point that all eprahs does all day is search YouTube for clips to send to me.
Just a little bit of fun to start your day off right.

–Jane, so glad the good tv is finally kicking up again


Vacation narrative coming tonight. Be patient.

I am in the vortex that always awaits after vacation. I think I can see the outside, but I am not sure yet. Check back with me in October.

I had to laugh out loud though, because I am listening to and “Mandy” came on. I could not help but think of the first time Angel sings for Lorne and Lorne asks him why he chose to sing “Mandy.” (and you should know that Angel can NOT sing)

I know the words. And, I think it’s kinda pretty.

And there you have it. A fan girl who relates everything to the Whedonverse. I needed the laugh today.

–Jane, thought it was kinda pretty

Big… well… Something

I am going through my feeds at the reference desk, which is incredibly dull due to it being the last Sunday of Spring Break, and I clicked through the lii sites for the week. It occurs to me, not for the first time, how timely these sites always are, frequently listing sites that deal with current issues. This week’s fare has a few sites on Polygamy and Mormons.

This might seem strange or random unless you, like I, watched HBO’s new show last Sunday called Big Love. Mr. Rochester and I are HBO watchers and it came on after The Sopranos, which also started a new season last Sunday.

Big Love looks like it is going to be interesting and unique, something that HBO always does well. Though the show does mention, negatively, polygamy compounds, the feature families are all “typical” families, except that they have one husband, one father. I am curious about the characters and where HBO will take this show. I plan on watching again tonight.

This example is yet another reason why lii is such an important resource for many, many people.

–Jane, one of me is all anyone can handle