We Are Broken, Not “Them”

It is Monday and the blahs are gone because my young, change loving heart is energized by K. G. Schneider’s Manifesto from Saturday:

The average library decision about implementing new technologies takes longer than the average life cycle for new technologies.

I would add the following:

We are not advocating for change because everything we are currently doing is crap (some of it is though, recognize it, and get over it). We just want to try something different.

Managers: Encourage your employees who want to try new things.

Accept that some things will fail and move on.

Do not let failure keep you from trying new things.

Making things easier to find does not equal “dumbing down.” It just means someone does not need an MLS to figure out how to find an article. This is a good thing!
If you go to the trouble of asking your users what they want, then listen to them.

Do not let one employee block policy and change for the entire library. This hurts everyone, especially our users.

Do not make policies that do not make sense.

The library does not belong to librarians, it belongs to users. It. Is. Not. Ours. Period.

Jane, with a spring in her step