Should I Send This? and other things that make me question my sanity

This post could also be titled: How much I wish listservs would rot in hell and I finally took out my hate in a public manner on a listserv this morning.

I have two grumps about listservs recently, each occurring on different lists:

Grump #1 – If you are having a conversation that has gotten out of control and you have been asked repeatedly to take it off the list, but you continue to go on and post ridiculous tripe that clogs our inboxes, there is a special place for you. One day, I am going to break down and post this or this to that listserv and I will laugh manically, then go have a stiff drink. Those of you currently stuck in this particular microwave with me, can join me at the bar.

Grump #2 – If there is a blog and a listserv and you make me read both but neither content is independent from the other I may have to shoot myself. I am impatient (and apparently today, a bit bitchy) and I do not want to read it all twice. I got it the first time.

Grump 2 resulted in a reply to a listserv that was as terse as this post. *sigh* I called my friend and said, “Should I send this? I think I am being a witch.” She supported me sending it, but maybe I should have asked someone less mouthy then either of us. (note to self: find less mouthy friends) I think the fact that I had to ask should have been my first clue, but I decided to send it anyway.

Some days I do not learn. Some days I willfully ignore the lessons beating against my head.

–Jane, maybe someone will put her on notice